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Safety & Quality Management

A secure, web-based Safety Management System that fulfils both the ICAO and SA CAA requirements regarding SMS implementation.


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eTRAIN-S Virtual training Remote live training system

eTRAINING is a bespoke e-Learning software programme developed by L&A.


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eVENT-S L&A uploads global aircraft accidents weekly

Software-based aviation accident database providing information on global aircraft accidents and incidents. Weekly updated.


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eSCHED-S Tier 1/Tier 2/ Tier 3 Assessment of Airlines

Scheduled Airline Assessment Management System.


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eTEND-S™ Tendering System used by L&A on behalf of clients

L&A’s Tendering System on behalf of clients.


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eREV-S Remote Safety Review / Audit system

Remote Safety Review & Auditing Software System.


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eREP-S™ Quality & Safety Auditing system used by L&A

L&A’s electronic Quality & Safety Auditing and Reporting System.


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eFLITE-S Flight management system

Aviation Journey Management System.


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