The fact that RMS and L&A use our own software programmes demonstrates our trust in our own systems.

RMS offers software programmes including:


Simplified electronic SMS system designed and used globally for all size operations - very affordable, easy to use, available in English and Spanish. Helpdesk for ongoing assistance and training both initial and refresher to our clients for the duration of their contract. RMS will continue to grow eSMS-S™ and enhance the system in line with our Users’ requirements but it will remain a simple to use system.

Clients can purchase either a six-month renewable subscription or the recommended annual renewable contract / subscription which attracts a one month free usage.

Now in version 3, eSMS-S™ has matured, is in use in many countries and will soon be joined by other linked systems called eSMS-S™ Plus tools.

More about this coming in early 2019.


Where all L&A reports are tracked to closure with Client access.


This RMS Tender and Bid evaluation tool offers clients the following: pre-contract start up oversight; inspections of airfields and offshore heli-decks/onshore heli-pads; aviation awareness training of client ground personnel at business unit level; providing on-site assistance and Safety and Quality mentorship programmes.


Client aircraft operator oversight tool.


Worldwide accident database for use by clients for research.