Litson and Associates Risk Management Services provides aviation safety management supporting software programmes including eSMS-S™ Premium/Lite/Plus and other safety-related ‘e-tools’, primarily to the aviation industry.  These tools are used by a wide selection of aviation operators, including RPAS and hot air balloon companies, small to medium-sized charter operators and startup airlines.

RMS offers software programmes including:


A secure, web-based Safety Management System that fulfils both ICAO and SA CAA requirements regarding SMS implementation. This competitively priced and easy-to-use system offers numerous features including both active and passive tools accessible via laptops, tablets and smartphones.

eSMS-S™ Premium is ideal for established medium-sized aircraft operators, to aid conformance with their SMS requirements.


eSMS-S™ LITE is a starter package for small operators employing from 1 to a maximum of 100 users.  This option can have additional eSMS-S™ tools if a client finds that their business is expanding and requires a more comprehensive system.  Should a company grow to exceed the maximum user capacity for eSMS-S™ Lite they would then move to eSMS-S™ Premium.

eSMS-S™ Plus tools are additional, stand-alone tools, which can be added to a user’s system when the operator requires a more powerful auditing, accident research, tendering or operations management application.

Every eSMS-S™ client regardless of their system, receives complimentary introductory and thereafter periodic refresher training, plus ongoing assistance whenever required for the duration of their contract.


L&A’s prime auditing system.  Access eREP-S™ to download reports and view the Risk Assessments associated with each audit report. The system permits the creation of bespoke checklists, audits and enables follow-up corrective actions to close out.  


This Tender and Bid evaluation tool simplifies the tendering process, improves accuracy, ensures transparency and offers pre-contract start-up oversight. Includes airfield/offshore helideck/onshore helipad inspections; aviation awareness training and Safety and Quality mentorship programmes, with all data retained in the database for future reference.


A comprehensive simple-to-use, scheduled airline Assessment Management System, with alerts for expiring currencies.


A flight/aviation journey management system with oversight of aircraft operator approvals, aircrew, and aircraft currencies.


A comprehensive software-based aircraft accident database, which provides information on thousands of aircraft accidents.  Clients are offered this database for research use purposes.


An audit checklist creating and report hosting system, with active follow-up and risk assessment capabilities. Inexpensive, comprehensive and simple to use.


eTRAINING is a bespoke e-Learning software programme developed by L&A.


Safety & Quality Management

A secure, web-based Safety Management System that fulfils both the ICAO and SA CAA requirements regarding SMS implementation.


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eTRAIN-S Virtual training Remote live training system

eTRAINING is a bespoke e-Learning software programme developed by L&A.


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eVENT-S L&A uploads global aircraft accidents weekly

Software-based aviation accident database providing information on global aircraft accidents and incidents. Weekly updated.


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eSCHED-S Tier 1/Tier 2/ Tier 3 Assessment of Airlines

Scheduled Airline Assessment Management System.


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eTEND-S™ Tendering System used by L&A on behalf of clients

L&A’s Tendering System on behalf of clients.


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eREV-S Remote Safety Review / Audit system

Remote Safety Review & Auditing Software System.


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eREP-S™ Quality & Safety Auditing system used by L&A

L&A’s electronic Quality & Safety Auditing and Reporting System.


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eFLITE-S Flight management system

Aviation Journey Management System.


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